of sunny days and septic tanks

yes, it is a beautiful day in north west Tasmania, the sun is shining, it’s currently 20C with a UV index of 10.7 (extremely high), the sky is blue, there’s a tiny breeze, the birds are singing, and Mr Tasmania is out on the lawn mowing, adding a little touch of noise pollution – all is right with the world ….


Another of the delights of rural living is having a septic tank … something which is not thought about at all, most of the time … until it shoves itself into your consciousness in such a way that you cannot avoid it … bugger …

Minor blockage / explosion in one of the pipes this morning (not too bad as these things go, could’ve been ENORMOUSLY worse), plumber on Sunday call out $300, couldn’t do anything as septic tank needed a pumpout – he reckoned that would fix the blockage.

Lots of phone calls and $400 later the man came to do the pumpout … which was great actually, as he showed us how we could’ve fixed the blockage ourselves and saved not only the $300 for the useless (and lazy, as he could’ve done this bit!!!) plumber but also the $180 extra it costs for a weekend pumpout call out. We would still have needed the pumpout but could’ve done it during the week …

ah well, live and learn, we’ll never need a plumber for this sort of issue again … and at least it was a lovely sunny day, imagine trying to sort all that out in the middle of winter in the wind and freezing rain!!!!

5 thoughts on “of sunny days and septic tanks

  1. Hope the rest of life is going ok and this is just a minor (rather expensive) hick up.

  2. Ah, the joys of septic tanks. At least it is sunny – here in the UK our septic tank are full of rainwater. It has been the wttest year on record – and it is still raining. No high heels here, just wellington boots!

  3. ah yes, good in general at the mo which is very nice – poor Mr Tas is a bit over it, as he had the start of root canal on Friday as well, but all sunny from here on I reckon 🙂

  4. I’d forgotten the joys of septic tanks (I remember staying in a youth hostel in the Rocky Mountains which had a weekly pump out, the loo was basically a hole in a bit of wood over the top of the tank. It’s where I learnt very valuable breath-holding skills!).

  5. ours is a little bit more scientifically advanced than that 🙂 – the pumpout guy said with the size of it it would probably need a pumpout every 3 – 5 years, which isn’t bad – so we’ll just unscrew the top every 6 months or so and have a look and make a decision from there. It’s a healthy septic tank, which is nice to know 🙂 – I’ve had enough experience with them (having grown up with them as well) that there’s a major difference in types of pong! 🙂 – who knew THAT would be a great life skill to develop eh 🙂

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