Of Earthquakes!

Wow, earthquake in Wynyard – for REAL!!!! http://www.ga.gov.au/earthquakes/getQuakeDetails.do?quakeId=3306938&orid=700622&sta=MOO

What a weird thing, felt like 2 big explosions right under the house, certainly got us outside and running around trying to work out what happened, didn’t even wake the dog up though 🙂

3 thoughts on “Of Earthquakes!

  1. quite a bizarre feeling really, and even though it ‘felt’ like there’d been an explosion nothing moved …I’ve been through two earth tremors and they felt very weird, dizziness almost, as the earth moves and you know you’re not actually doing it, it’s quite disconcerting… this was very very noisy though, and I guess and earthquake is something letting go so an explosion of sorts – amazing!

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