of silver linings

Silver lining on the continuing dry (this does not apply to the rest of Oz, which is now at the point of actually dissolving in all the rain!) … the plateau, which was constructed from clay dug out from the hill where our house now sits, is cracking up with the lack of moisture – and I mean big cracks, metres long, 10 – 15cm deep … but I have been having an issue on how to continue to get compost or other organic matter into the clay to keep the process of turning it into great soil going without digging up the grass that we’ve managed to get going already … problem solved today. Big bucket of worm farm sludge poured down into the cracks – organic matter deep into the clay + moisture – win/win! 🙂

Will just have to keep the vegie scraps up to the worm farm so the little fellers can continue to produce the sludge I need to keep tipping down the cracks – free sludge, awesome 🙂

4 thoughts on “of silver linings

  1. 1- the worm farm is beside the shed (big shed),next to a compost bin (which is also sort of a worm farm as they have colonised it … I have ambitions this weekend to tip it over and dig out all the worm castings which (hopefully) should be at the bottom of it to put in more of the cracks in the plateau.

    1 part2 – I’m not allowed to have chooks, Mr Tas doesn’t see the point of them when we can get free range organic eggs locally for no work and relatively cheaply and JD the Wonder Dog would probably like them a bit too much …

    2 – why thank you, I would like to say I do my best but (un?)fortunately this is actually just my brain … 🙂

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