of silver linings

Silver lining on the continuing dry (this does not apply to the rest of Oz, which is now at the point of actually dissolving in all the rain!) … the plateau, which was constructed from clay dug out from the hill where our house now sits, is cracking up with the lack of moisture – and I mean big cracks, metres long, 10 – 15cm deep … but I have been having an issue on how to continue to get compost or other organic matter into the clay to keep the process of turning it into great soil going without digging up the grass that we’ve managed to get going already … problem solved today. Big bucket of worm farm sludge poured down into the cracks – organic matter deep into the clay + moisture – win/win! 🙂

Will just have to keep the vegie scraps up to the worm farm so the little fellers can continue to produce the sludge I need to keep tipping down the cracks – free sludge, awesome 🙂

of new gates hooray

I’ve moved the cars, pruned the plant out of the way, done the communications officer bit, watered down the boxing and the giant holes, and taken an enormous number of ‘before’ pictures, and now I’m (very sensibly I think) getting out of the way so all the ‘manly men’ at the top of the driveway can play with the concrete truck when it arrives and so that the (probable) swearing doesn’t offend my little shell likes … regardless of the fact that I can probably outswear all of them even on a bad day (not one of my better qualities I must admit) … easier to let the men do their thing than stand around and offer constructive criticism 🙂

oh yes, all of this means that the day has finally come – the concrete is being poured so that the gate posts can go in and the new gates can be hung hooray!!!! It will be a while before we get the automatic gate openers which will mean that from that point on Roger next door will be getting soaked all by himself as we get out to open gates/drive through/close gates in the middle of a North Western Tasmanian evening downpour (usually they start at around 5.55pm, when we are both getting home) but I think I can possess my soul in patience ’cause once the gates are in we’re nearly there!!!

of extremes

to quote a great song (sounds of then, by Gangajang)… ‘this is Australia’ … currently bushfires still going in places, and now we’ve got flooding / typhoons / tornadoes etc … my brother is holidaying on the Gold Coast QLD [http://www.willyweather.com.au/qld/gold-coast/gold-coast.html] where it’s a tad wet [check out the radar – scroll down] … we’re in Wynyard TAS where it’s dry as dry as dry [http://www.willyweather.com.au/tas/north-western/wynyard.html] … and Icehouse always sings it best … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ4NuX0qWuY

oh yes, and Dorothea Mackellar … “My Country”

“I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me!”

Of Earthquakes!

Wow, earthquake in Wynyard – for REAL!!!! http://www.ga.gov.au/earthquakes/getQuakeDetails.do?quakeId=3306938&orid=700622&sta=MOO

What a weird thing, felt like 2 big explosions right under the house, certainly got us outside and running around trying to work out what happened, didn’t even wake the dog up though 🙂

of piccies

I’ve just finished making and hanging a Christmas wreath. We can’t hang it on the front door as all our doors are aluminium so I’ve hung it inside the back door, which can be seen from anywhere in the house.



I’m also adding a few pics of the local black cockies (cockatoos) who come visit out bathtubs for a drink on a regular basis – I think the one with them all lined up on the fence posts is pretty speccy actually! 😉




of sunny days and septic tanks

yes, it is a beautiful day in north west Tasmania, the sun is shining, it’s currently 20C with a UV index of 10.7 (extremely high), the sky is blue, there’s a tiny breeze, the birds are singing, and Mr Tasmania is out on the lawn mowing, adding a little touch of noise pollution – all is right with the world ….


Another of the delights of rural living is having a septic tank … something which is not thought about at all, most of the time … until it shoves itself into your consciousness in such a way that you cannot avoid it … bugger …

Minor blockage / explosion in one of the pipes this morning (not too bad as these things go, could’ve been ENORMOUSLY worse), plumber on Sunday call out $300, couldn’t do anything as septic tank needed a pumpout – he reckoned that would fix the blockage.

Lots of phone calls and $400 later the man came to do the pumpout … which was great actually, as he showed us how we could’ve fixed the blockage ourselves and saved not only the $300 for the useless (and lazy, as he could’ve done this bit!!!) plumber but also the $180 extra it costs for a weekend pumpout call out. We would still have needed the pumpout but could’ve done it during the week …

ah well, live and learn, we’ll never need a plumber for this sort of issue again … and at least it was a lovely sunny day, imagine trying to sort all that out in the middle of winter in the wind and freezing rain!!!!

of changing .. back into myself ..

thinking of letting the red grow out and see what’s underneath there … haven’t seen my own hair colour for nearly 8 years now … thoughts? I’m sure I could put that money to good use elsewhere, even if I do eventually cave and add foils or can’t stand it and just get it recoloured …. I do like being a redhead … and I’m pretty sure it’s mainly grey under there now!

of spring being sprung!

I’m on a much needed home holiday this week hooray.

On Saturday my mother in law and i went and visited the local tulip farm (yes, there are tulips in Australia, lots of them actually! – my home town and my new home town ie here both have tulip festivals at this time of year – funny that I left one to end up in the other, 1200km’s apart). My MIL turns 90 this year and was born in the area but had never been into the tulip field – only looked over the fence as the locals do… and I figured it was about time I went and had a squiz too!






Spring has also sprung in our garden… below are a couple of pics from one section – our mad self seeding pansies which are taking over, and the results of a $10 random bag of tulip bulbs Mr Tasmania bought at a statewide agricultural fair earlier this year.



oh yes, and some iris – I think my mother in law gave me these …but I can’t really remember!


of delving into memories

oh my dear Lord … save me from the mortification of finding any more of my old journals while unpacking crates for the bookshelves … seriously, this one is from my ’30’s and is bad enough – cannot even BEGIN to think what a maudlin embarrassing mess a journal from my teens would be – thank goodness I didn’t journal then! Honestly, I’m not one for beating myself up about past mistakes (which is not to say that I don’t have regrets!) but I could quite happily have given that chick ie me a good slap across the back of the head and said ‘wake up to yourself!’

Pardon me while I just go hide it somewhere … there’s some good stuff in it so parts of it may survive … the rest just may end up on a bonfire next weekend – a fiery sacrifice of lessons learned, nitwittery moved on from, and useless delusions examined and revealed for what they were 🙂